We Offer Turnkey Solutions For Challenging Casting Components.

We provide engineering assistance, develop efficient production methods, and
manage various services throughout the production process.



Design Review
Design Review
Design Review
Design Review
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Design Review


We review every drawing, offer ideas, answer questions.
If required, provide solutions that will produce results.

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Build Tooling

We are a fully equipped CNC
Machine Foundry

No Bake

We are a fully equipped CNC
Machine Foundry

Precision Sand Casting

Our automated mold machine
produces an accurate mold

Machining Casting

With decades of experience in machining
aluminum castings, we cast your components,
to your exact requirements.

Manage Various Services

We are known to take entire projects
from start to finish.


Aluminum Casting & Copper Casting

We provide “turnkey casting solution” for Edmonton and Calgary Alberta

Our turnkey solutions includes design assistance, tool building, producing casting, machining casting, and managing various services.

We provide solutions for clients that offer the most challenging aluminum casting applications...read more

Each custom casting application is specific to our client's industrial requirements. For decades, we have worked with numerous industries. We approach each project with a great understanding of the end result for a specific industry.

From design assistance to prototype development, we provide years of knowledge and expertise. Our clients can expect professional and friendly service. Most of our business comes from providing our knowledge and answering difficult questions.

At the planning stage our production manager and design team discuss the best method of production. Our design team views all drawings and if needed provides sound advice. With decades of experience our designers provide suggestions that will reduce your production cost.

We provide a streamline production process. A project manager is appointed for each job. Our people understand that precision and accuracy is not a goal, it's a mandate.

At the production stage, our production manager develops a plan for our team. From designers to operators an optimum plan is set in motion. The production plan including materials, tooling machinery, casting. Workstations are scheduled for production. Our production manager communicates and updates the clients on all stages of production.

Our skilled team of production personal will ensure quality production for aluminum casting. Our fully automated mold machine produces an accurate and precise mold. Molds are produced with zero mold shifting. This creates a consistent mold for all components.

When the aluminum casting component is finished, we machine the component in house. And finally, we manage various services like powder coating.

We believe our turnkey solutions service for aluminum casting rivals the competitions and gives us the advantage.

At Pacific Mako, you will deal with a professional friendly team that is dedicated to precision, quality, and on time delivery ...read less